Well, I really think I must have an obsessive compulsive personality. Ever since I decided that we were going to go on the QE2 on a transatlantic crossing, I have got a bit over zealous in finding out as much as I can about the ship.

So I have been searching and finding out about the QE2. I have bought videos, bought books and been buying bits and pieces on one of my most favourite sites: eBay. Also on Amazon and Alibris books.

* Cunard "Tribute to a Queen" hardback book (Berltiz 1987)
* QE2 The Official Story Book by Potter & Frost (1969)
* 62 page Cunard Book "QE2 Transatlantic" (deck plans, photos, schedule etc)
* "Murder She Wrote on the QE2" Paperback
* "QE2: Voyage of Discovery" - Carol Thatcher
* "Around the World on the QE2" - Alfred Armond Montapert and William David Monapert
* "Attack on the Queen" - Richard P Henrick (1997)
* "The Only Way to Cross: Golden Era of the Great Atlantic Liners" - John Maxtowe-Graham
* "QE2 - A Ship for All Seasons" - David F Hutchings (1988)

* "QE2 Tour du Monde 1986"

* "Dream Voyages (QE2, Concorde, Orient Express) Hardback 1989"


* "QE2 The Royal Voyage" VHS
* "QE2 The Last Great Liner" VHS 1999
* "Coronation Street: QE2 Feature Length Special" (Only available on video) 1995
* "The Liners" (4 x 1 hour series run on Channel 4 and made by an Australian company)

Brochures and booklets
* Cunard Brochures from 1976, 1980, 1983, 1989, 1992 (Transatlantic), 1993 (transatlantic) and 1993, 1995
* Accommodation Plans (Pre 1999)
* QE2 Tips to Cruising leaflet (early 80s)
* 1960s/70s Welcome Aboard the QE2 (with fold out deck plans and Guide)
* Cruise Trade Magazine Cunard QE2 1992
* History of the Cunard Line from 1840 to present day (bundle of cards, papers etc)


World Cruise Bits and Pieces
* 1977 World Cruise Memorabilia (Book)
* 1984 World Cruise Memorabilia (luggage tags, menus, hard cover book, certificates)
* 1985 World Cruise Memorabilia (more or less same as above)
* 4 menus from 1987 world cruise


Other Bits and Pieces
* QE2 "collectable" spoon (why I bought this I have no idea! It is awfully tacky)
* Revell Model of QE2 (in sealed box) - one of those like Airfix type
* QE2 Cruise Bag from the 70s
* "History of Cunard Line" CD-ROM (www.schiffspost.com)

* "Cunard Queen Elizabeth 2 "QE2" Jigsaw (New York)

* "QE2 puzzle (ship at sea)"


Daily Programs and Menus
* 7 daily programs from the "Gallic Getaway" QE2 cruise in August 2004
* 1975 On-board folder (including: copies of daily paper for 7 days, 7 day of programs, menus, pocket companion book, embarkation leaflet etc)
* New Year Eve 2003 menu and program
* QE2/ QM2 Joint crossing commemorative folder/ menu 2004

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